What We Can Learn From Scandinavian-Built Log Cabins

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Small House Bliss offers you a wonderful modern yet rustic design log cabin on a small lake of Helsinki, Finland. This lakeside log cabin is named Villa Maria, which is a family-sized vacation cabin. Youíll love this log cabin as it has a combination of modern design and traditional methods. It is as if you are still living in a city while surrounded with woods. This cabin is made of large-diameter logs that were scribed and are joined by hand-cut Scandinavian saddle notches at the corners. It measures 90sq.m (969 sq.ft) with two bedrooms and a den. One of the most amazing features is the sauna.

Itís interior design is very modern with a Scandinavian style masonry stove in a living room section. The space between its kitchen is divided by a log beam. The living area is a perfect place to stay relaxed with large windows that provide a great view of the lake. The windows above bring extra light inside the living area. Each bedroom has open access to the kitchen area and two piece bathroom along the entry hall. This gives privacy. However, it doesnít have a shower since the shower room is already attached to the sauna. This rustic sauna can be accessed through the den that is intended as a change room for the sauna.

You will see a flagstone patio outside the cabin and a covered porch that is perfect for dining outdoor. Additionally, there is a log barbecue hut with a built-in brick barbecue, perfect to keep everyone fed while dining outside. These are just few of the amenities you can find in Villa Maria, but the main feature is the lake itself which has an easy access to the sauna. This log cabin can be rented through Hawkhill Nature.

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