UNDER 20K! The Elkin Log Cabin

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Log homes and cabins evoke a nostalgia that other more modernly built homes just don't have, they remind us of a simpler time. Like The Elkin Log Cabin for UNDER 20K! Log homes have been being made for centuries all over the world. In the Americas, since the pioneers started to settle the land when then first arrived from Europe. The people back then made use of the materials they could find in their immediate environment and usually practiced a conscious and mindful approach to all the things they did.

This is a super charming old fashioned log cabin, that would be perfect for that little cabin at the lake, or even to build as a tiny home. The Elkin Log Cabin has kits starting at under twenty thousand dollars, which is an awesome price if you want to save some money on building a new home or cabin. At the eLog Homes, you are able to buy the plans for the cabin or home you want to construct, so that you have all the proper blueprints to give to contractors and for permits. The plans start quite affordably at $299 plus $15 for shipping and handling.

The Elkin Log Cabin is a very modest building, and looks to be the size of a bachelor apartment. The design gives it a very familiar cabin like vibe, which makes it perfect to build on any lake front property or a little hide away in the forest. The entire house is 320 square feet and has one bedroom and one bathroom. It would be great for a couple or a single person living on their own. The layout works really well having the bedroom and bathroom at the very back of the cabin and the living room and kitchen at the front of the space. The layout is everything in a small space like this. Everything is one one floor which makes it all so accessible and easy to keep clean and tidy. There is also a sweet little patio out in the front that would be perfect to sit out at anytime.

With the rise in popularity of log homes and cabins, there are so many places that you can order the pre fabricated log homes and cabins from, and eLog Homes makes it as easy and as affordable as possible, while maintaining their quality materials and service. You can check out The Elkin Log Cabin and more terrific log homes when you go over to ‘eLog Homes ‘ by following the link in the description below.

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