Top 10 Beautiful Log Furniture Pieces #2 Juniper Log Bed

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Statistics claim many of us spend one third of our lives in bed. So, why not lay in something we love, something beautiful, such as the Unique Log Bed Made with Juniper?

Woodland Creek Furniture offers exquisite, 100% customizable rustic handcrafted furniture. Their juniper “one-of-a-kind” log bed being no exception.

Juniper is a symbol of fertility, athleticism, longevity and strength and actually has a wide array of uses. The berries from juniper trees are utilized as a spice in various culinary dishes, as well as a sauce often chosen for fowl and venison. The Dineh peoples utilize juniper as a treatment for diabetes while Native Americans have used it as a female contraceptive. Gaelic cultures use juniper in their saining rites, to bless and protect their household and inhabitants, as well as to cleanse.

While there are between 50 and 67 species, the most common for furniture-making is the Eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana). Juniper wood tends to come from smaller trees with a lot of character. Not only does it have beauty, it is also a durable and pliable wood, and therefore very good for furniture makers who need to manipulate the individual pieces.

Woodland Creek Furniture, located in Kalkaska and Traverse City, Michigan, claims to offer “the largest selection of artisan crafted, rustic, natural, cottage and cabin furniture in the country [United States].” They utilize many different types of wood, including 100-150 year old reclaimed barn wood, as well as birch bark, burl wood and log furniture. Satisfied customers of Woodland Creek Furniture often speak to the beauty and character of their pieces.

The Juniper Bed is shown on their website in a Starburst Design with Quarter Canopy, but Woodland Creek Furniture encourages interested parties to contact them in order to discuss a “one-of-a-kind” bed. Personally, I think any kind of handcrafted bed – but especially the Juniper log bed by Woodland Creek Furniture – is a beautiful thing.

For pricing and more information, please visit the link below to 'Woodland Creak Furniture'.

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