This Is Most Beautiful Log Home in the State of California

Here's a lovely log house that's been deemed "the most beautiful log home in California", and it just happens to be for sale. The Pioneer Ranch house is a whopping 7,400 square feet with some incredible features like a whole tree trunk in the centre of the home. The log house is built from gorgeous Western Red Cedar logs and is one of the luxury log home plans custom built by Pioneer Log Homes, a world renowned log home building company from British Columbia. The house was originally built for the founder of the company, so it's a true legacy to be passed on to whoever purchases this gorgeous log house design. The house is located by Nojoqui Falls, which is a vineyard and cattle ranch. It's also really close to California beaches and wineries, as well as amazing restaurants. If you've always wanted a log house, buying one that's already been built is the perfect way to move into the home of your dreams without the hassle of building it from the ground up.

The log house features two bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. There's also a two-car garage, as well as a one bedroom carriage suite. Another 994 square foot cabin and a 320 square foot cabin are also found on the property, as well as an impressive 1,000 square foot wine cellar, and an incredible log barn. This is quite the property and is totally worth having a look at if you're in the area and love log houses. The builders used a lot of recycled Douglas Fir for the interior decorating of the space in the cabinetry and the flooring. Pioneer Log Homes is one of the very best log home building companies in the world. They also have other distributors all over the world in places like France, Australia, Africa, and of course all over the United States and Canada. They also have many testimonials given by satisfied customers who absolutely love their log houses. They even have log cabin kits available that are available to be customised for the individual client.

They've been in the log home building business since 1973; the company is very picky when it comes to the quality of their materials and their building process. Their headquarters is set up near Williams Lake in British Columbia, which is where some of the very best Douglas Fir, Western Cedar and Spruce grows. These trees are used for building materials above all of the other types of wood because of their amazing durability and strength and because they are also the best quality and have the best workability as well. The amazing craftsmanship of Pioneer Log Homes has even been featured on a TV show on HGTV called Timber Kings. It's really interesting to watch the show especially if you're looking to invest in luxury log home plans of your own. On the show, you'll see them build a log home from the ground up, seeing the process behind every build. If nothing more, you'll definitely walk away with a new appreciation for log houses and the craftsmen that create them. The company doesn't just build large log houses; they also build garages, sheds, barns and cabins. You can have a look through their gallery of photos showing some of their previous projects. Their plans start at 1500 square feet and go all the way up to 4000 square feet and even more, like this 7,000 foot California log house. Enjoy browsing through their website and get inspired by their amazing craftsmanship and building expertise. Owning a home from their collection would be a dream come true.***

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