There's a Simple Reason Why This 540 Sq. Ft. Log Home Feels Large (Click to View Floor Plan)

There's a Simple Reason Why This 540 Sq. Ft. Log Home Feels Large (Click to View Floor Plan). The Springbrook log home kits are a great log home kits for sale for getting back to the basics, with a log home kits plan that is ideal for weekend getaway retreats or use as a guest house. The Springbrook log cabin homes kits are nice and cozy. It may be small but with its heavy timber beams, and large kitchen/living area, and cathedral ceilings these home kits feel spacious. This home cabin kits is big in character and style. The Springbrook cabin kits for sale is a 540 square foot one-floor real log cabins for sale with two bedrooms, one bathroom and a covered front porch to get some fresh air or enjoy a night of stargazing.

Designing and building your log home kits or log house is an exciting project to take on. Never have there been so many home kits designs, styles, prefab log cabins for sale and sizes than there is today. Living in a log home building is something that people around the world have been enjoying for hundreds of years. Log cabin kits for sale have always been a popular style of home, through the years proving that they can stand up to the elements, are strong, long lasting and comfortable. A log building is a healthy option when it comes to what building materials you use, as logs are natural and nontoxic. Using wood and logs is a good choice as they are renewable building materials that are good for the environment. When you get a prefab log cabin kits from a log building company that practices sustainable forest management, you know you are making a good decision environmentally, and economically. Log home cabin kits are also a great way to save on heating and cooling costs, as logs keep the heat in the home in the winter, and cool in the summer. With so many styles of log home kits and log cabin homes kits available, there is sure to be a home cabin kits to suit every lifestyle and preference. Building a log home kits in a location that you enjoy, is a great way to be around nature while staying or living in a log home design that suits your needs. Once you have selected the log home site, you can then start to design your log home floor plan.

The Springbrook log home kits is just one of the real log cabins for sale on the "Custom Timber Log Homes" site. This home cabin kits company got their start in the industry by building quality real log cabins for sale. Over time, they developed into a full-service prefab log cabin kits and log building construction company. "Custom Timber Log Homes" is one of the most trusted real log cabins for sale manufacturers, log house builders and designers in the industry. They have over 35 years of log house experience, so they know custom log home kits very well. "Custom Timber Log Homes" is a family run business, that is located just outside the beautiful Smoky Mountains in Maryville, Tennessee. They can help turn your log house dreams into reality. They arenít a large log house company, but they believe in honesty, integrity, and expert craftsmanship, values which are important when designing and building your log house. Some of the things you will receive in the Custom Timber bare bones log cabin kit include all the logs and heavy timber materials that you will need to get started with your log home. *

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