The Oldest Cabin in America and the Man Who Keeps it Beautiful!

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Have you ever wondered what the oldest log cabin in America is? “It isn't my log house, right?” No it isn’t, my friend. This C. A. Nothnagle Log House will bring you back to the old times. “Oh, that’s exciting! I binge on old age things! I’d love where this article is going. *winks*” If you are into historical and old stuff, this would be perfect for you, adorable creature! Why don't you and I have a cup of tea and let’s fill our brains with little details about the oldest cabin in America? “I’m on it!” Great! *winks*

The oldest surviving log cabin in America is the C.A. Nothnagle Log House located in Swedesboro-Paulsboro Road in the Gibbstown section of Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey in the United States. “When was it built?” C.A. Nothnagle Log House is built in between 1638 and 1643. It is Finnish-made log cabin. The cabin is said to be built by Swedish settlers in New Sweden colony. Originally, the cabin measures 16 by 22 feet. The house is constructed with oak logs and “two logs are removable to provide ventilation in the summer.” Nails aren't used in the original construction; instead, hardwood pegs are used as fasteners. It is added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. “Who resides in it now?” And that, my friend, is the question that will lead us to Harry and Doris Rink. These people are the ones responsible for the maintenance of the log cabin’s timeless beauty.

Harry Rinks does the repairing of the house. According to him, the last time he did some fixing in the house was twenty years ago. Last summer, he did another repair. For Harry, the latest repair was terribly hard to do. But what is more fascinating here is their love and dedication for the log house. Harry purchased the building in 1968 and developed a great liking towards it. It has become their pride and joy. Whenever people go there to have a tour, the Rinks would welcome them with historical facts about the house. They enjoy what they are doing. They love talking about the house. The affection and devotion they have for this log house is worth the hundreds of years it endured just to remain standing. I salute you, Harry and Doris Rinks!

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