See Why This Wrap Around Log Cabin at Only $44,900 is SO FANTASTIC

Thinking of building your own log cabin for a family retreat, weekend getaway, or fishing camp but need a little extra space? Then you might want to check out this beautiful wraparound cabin made by Land and Camps!

With this spacious, wraparound deck, you will not only have the perfect log cabin, you will also have a wonderful place to sit outside and enjoy nature’s exquisite scenery! Imagine sitting here in the warm evenings, watching the sun set. And what a great spot for the barbecue so you can cook outside on a hot summer’s day – maybe even broil up that fresh catch of the day! Or how about sipping your morning coffee on the front step while watching the sun come up? Talk about a little piece of Heaven!And you will have tons of space inside this lovely cabin as well – 560 square feet, to be exact – and this is in addition to the wraparound porch! Imagine bringing your family here for weekend trips or perhaps for the entire summer. What could be better than that?

Based in New York state, Land and Camps can not only set you up with the best log cabin for your needs, they can also find you the land where you can build it! They offer special discounts to people who are interested in both land and camps, which is where they get their name from. So if you’re looking to build a cabin in the Salmon River, Tug Hill, or southern Adirondacks regions, you might want to consider these guys. Their philosophy is simple – they will provide you with the best land and the best customer service to help make your dreams come true. And by the looks of it, they sure seem to know what they’re doing! Every log is sourced locally and sawn by hand. If that isn’t quality, we don’t know what is.

Want to learn more? Then head on over to the “Land and Camps” website by following the link in the description below!

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