Old Railroad Boxcar Converted Into A Tiny Home

Just when you think that you've seen all the tiny house designs there are to see, along comes another like this old railroad boxcar conversion. This tiny cabin on wheels can be found in the middle of beautiful Lake Washington, nestled amid four acres of wooded forest. The small house on wheels was built inside of and old railroad boxcar and has 260 square feet of space inside. From the outside of the space, it looks like a regular well-restored boxcar, but inside is modern and bright. The boxcar is placed on actual rails, and it is owned by the Davidson family who, when they go on vacation, rent the boxcar for those who are visiting the area. The tiny cabin on wheels has a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom, and it is both a full time living space and a great place to spend a nice relaxing holiday.

This is just one of the tiny cabins on wheels you can find. These days tiny house designs are more popular than ever with a wide variety of style and designs from strawbale homes, yurts, treehouses, and beach shacks. Each tiny home design offers something a bit different from the last, with each design being a unique reflection of both its owner and the builder. This Old Railroad Boxcar is yet another original tiny house design to be inspired by. The exterior of this tiny cabin on wheels is painted red with black trim and railings. Inside you will be surprised at just how nicely this tiny home is done, being both stylish and modern. The interior has unique white and wood ceilings that make the place feel larger than its 260 square feet. The dark bathroom feels especially modern. The tiny house is placed on real rails for an authentic railroad feel. The boxcar can be rented out when the family is away on holiday. And this tiny cabin on wheels has a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom, a washer and dryer and storage. It's a beautiful tiny house design to live in and to spend a nice vacation.

If living or owning in a tiny house design is something you are serious about, you will want to do your research first. Before you go out and purchase your tiny cabin on wheels, you want to look at local laws regarding the smaller homes. You will want to look into things like minimum square footage that designates a building as a permanent home, as some places have a minimum size of home you may live in. You want to make sure you can legally park your tiny cabin on wheels on the property you are considering. You also want to know if you can park on the property in question without a permanent dwelling being present there, and whether or not you can make it your full-time home. You also want to know whether or not the local zoning laws permit accessory dwellings and if so what the minimum requirements for square footage are.

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