Old Fashioned Lakehouse Log Home for $33,000.

Some people build wood cabins that are tiny and modest, without being overly extravagant or adding unnecessary luxuries. In any economy, it can be hard to find jobs that are good paying and consistent. So the dream of owning a log home is remote for many people. The Lakehouse log home kit is just one of the wood cabins you might consider if owning a wood cabin is something you hope to do. This is just one of the affordable log home kits you might consider, for full time living or for use as a vacation home. While some people try to strive for the bare minimum, you can add more details and features depending on your log home budget. Or you can start by getting the blueprints for this wood cabin design and strive to build it on your own as affordably as possible. Either way, there are different options that can suit most any budget and need if you are willing to do your research. Whether it's a permanent log home or just a vacation log home rental, it's sure to be a place you enjoy spending time at. The Lakeside wood cabin is great for the family too since it's got plenty of room to enjoy. The Lakehouse is a good floor plan with 720 square feet of living space with one story, two bedrooms and one bathroom.

ELog Homes is just one of the log house construction you might consider when building a wood cabin. This log house construction is built where it captures all the scenic views no matter which window you're looking from. The wood cabin can give you some idea how it might look on a property of your own. With beautiful wild flowers growing all around the property, and the photo does a great job at showing just how scenic of an area it is. There's exposed beams throughout the interior of the wood cabin design, and cathedral ceilings that for a feeling of abundance of space everywhere. The windows are a good size to let in lots of natural light, giving the place a feeling of open airiness.

ELog Homes are one of the best log home kits you can build. Of course, it's dependant on the log walls being built correctly. So you will want to either hire someone who knows what they are doing or get eLog Homes to build it for you. This log house construction uses a true notch and pass system that features a factory precut mortise and tenon joint. The wood cabin also has hardwood dowel and caulking for all in-line vertical log joints, along with double tongue and groove for all of the horizontal log joints with double row polyfoam gasket and 1/8inch caulking bead against the outside tongue. The log home kit has self-tapping lag screws that achieve immediately, and long-lasting, wood to wood contact. These are just some of the log home kit details that strive for a log home that is built to last. The eLog Home kits use air dried Eastern White Pine logs. They use air dried logs because they believe in the slow, natural drying process, versus drying the wood rapidly in artificial kiln-drying process. This process helps to ensure that the logs will better maintain there solidity, and in turn be less brittle and, therefore, will be easier to work with;

The Lakehouse is just one of the log home kits you will see on the eLogHomes site. On the site, you will find other wood cabin kits, log house constructions ideas, log home kits and more. **

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