Not Overly Large, but Convenient Enough for Family Gatherings (Click to View Floor Plan)

When you start thinking about holidays, and any gathering or dinner, you might find yourself wishing you had a bigger space. With that said it's good to give yourself a reminder that you donít need a big house for big family gatherings. You don't need big open spaces, lots of storage to hide clutter, with easy access to outdoor living areas. You don't need a big log house to have your log home function for large family gatherings, all you need is a log home you feel comfortable in all year long. The following is a good example of a log home that is not overly big but works great for family gatherings.

The floor plan for this log home has a kitchen, dining area and great room that are all open to each other. This log home floor plan provides a lot of space for that allows for guests to feel comfortable and feel like they arenít secluded or apart from the gathering. And, if youíre the host of the family party and need to spend some time in the kitchen preparing the food, youíll still feel like part of the party going on which is important.

The kitchen in this log home floor plan has a bar counter that is ideal for guests to gather around. Youíll see that there is a door at the rear of the kitchen of this log home plan, and behind that door is one of the best additions to any log home a host or hostess can have and that is a large pantry. A pantry in a log home offers enough storage so you can keep your kitchen countertops clear of extra appliances that you donít use on a regular basis. It then frees up counter space for more important holiday additions such as pie and extra food.

The exterior of this log home has an outdoor porch that runs the full length of the log home; this provides a lot of extra space for outdoor furniture that in turn allows the party to flow outside in nice weather. An outdoor patio is often the most popular place you'll find your company gathering to. It also provides a location in the log home, that allows the guests to park and then go into the log house directly, so there is good traffic flow in the log home for when guest come and go. A log home with good sized open living space, along with a guest bedroom tucked away down a short hall, is a great amount of space to suit most people's needs. This particular log home plan is 2,280 square feet. Not overly large, but with a lot of great details that work.

On the Real Log Style site, you will find all sorts of log home plans, log home designs, and log home decor. You will also find plenty of log home ideas that will help in log home living. Some of the real log home stories you will find include a California Craftsman log home, a mountain log home in Ohio, little log home details that log homes get just right, and a little log home history with log homes in the early American Colonies. Log homes and log cabins have been around for centuries, and there is a lot that we can learn from both the new and the old styles of log homes. Log homes are one of those home builds that look good both in rustic styles and modern styles. Each offering a little something of their own, unique to both the log home builder, and the log home owner. It's no wonder that after all these years log homes are just as popular now, as they ever were. The blend between natural materials, and a location in nature is something man of us can't resist.

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