Modern and Minimalist Kanga Tiny House in Austin, TX

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There are so many different types of tiny houses and small houses, each with a unique style and design, in places all over the world. This "Modern and Minimalist Kanga Tiny House in Austin, TX," is a tiny house you can rent and stay while you visit Austin.

The Kanga tiny house is a great alternative to staying in hotel, the tiny house was just completed this year, so everything is new from furnishings to bedding. The tiny house is comfortable, and modern, for a minimalist stay. The tiny house has one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen, it sleeps two, but if you have your little person with you, the owner will gladly bring in an air mattress, and move things on the floor for a spot to stay. The tiny house is 200 square feet, with a great patio, and within walking distance to lots of fun in Austin. There are lots of photos to take a look at on the site.

Airbnb is such a great site, that lets you find unique accommodations in peoples homes. You can stay in a house, apartment, treehouse, igloo, luxury yacht, traditional yurt, fairytale cottage, shipping container, castle, wagon, sleep in a pub, underground homes, homes of famous authors, houseboats in Amsterdam, boats on land, handmade homes, geodesic domes, lighthouses, yurts and watchtowers. The unique tiny homes and accommodations can be found all over the world from Bali, Rio, Asia, Europe, Paris, Italy, urban farms, North America, private island and more. I could easily spend a lot of time on this house, just browsing through all these amazing accommodations, this site is really great, as it allows you to stay and experience something local, and authentic, this is what traveling is all about, all on one site.

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Please support us by clicking here, and we will give you a free subscription to our Country Living magazine, thank you!!!

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