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Here is the Hillcrest log house, one of the log house designs from Confederation Log Homes. For thousands of years, people have chosen wood as a building material because of its amazing strength and beauty. The wonderful thing is that the techniques for log home building have always remained much the same over the years and these techniques have been passed down from generation to generation to be built by new hands. If you're considering building a log house for yourself, it's going to help you immensely to look at other log house designs to get inspired for your own building project. Looking at log home designs like this one from Confederation Log Homes will give you some ideas on the things you would like in your log house, as well as some of the things you would choose to leave out. Also, sitting down with your family members who will also be living in the house with you is a good idea. To receive input on the home design and floor plan.

This log house has been beautifully built in the traditional way, but it also has the style and charm of a modern home. This design actually kind of looks like a bungalow from the entry way, but it has two stories and a finished basement as well. Building a basement foundation to complement your log house build is a great way to expand the square footage of the home without having to use more log materials. This particular log house was created to be a cabin for some clients on Catchacoma Lake. They included lots of custom details in the design to suit the client's taste and style. In the home plan, you'll see that the master bedroom is on the main floor which provides the entire upper level for kid's rooms. There's also a ton of storage space, which would be perfect for active people. The great room features plenty of space to sit and relax as well as the vaulted ceiling and large windows that expose the home to spectacular views. Another thing that you'll want to consider when you're planning your log home building project is the location and the placement of your home. Taking into account what views you'd like to see from which rooms, and what directions it will face for minimum or maximum sun exposure depending on what you need.

The kitchen in this log home floor plan is designed to look out over the beautiful lake views, which would be amazing to see as you're preparing a meal and eating it. It might even make cleaning up a little bit more pleasurable too. A loft area is also included in the design which provides extra sleeping space or office space. The bathrooms are also strategically placed throughout the home so that no one will have to wait for a turn in the morning when everyone's trying to get out the door. You may notice that the corners of the house are dovetail corners which show off the talent of the craftsmen who built the log house. The great thing about Confederation Log Homes is that all of the wood they use is sourced from sustainable forests which is a must for any environmental advocate. All of the homes built by Confederation Log Homes are custom designed and built right in their warehouse, and their buildings can be shipped anywhere in the world. So if you've been sitting on the idea of building a log house for some time, maybe start to plan out your log house designs and think about getting the home of your dreams.***

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