Gorgeous Little 200SQFT Cabin Built by Father & Son

According to the U.S. Census, at year 1950 the average size of an American house is said to be 983 square feet. But as the years past, it had climbed to almost 2,400 square feet. In spite of the number of people living in a large homes, majority of the people nowadays prefer to live in a small one for some certain reasons.

Most of their reasons is that, when living in a little cabin you have less cleaning maintenance needed. The fewer the rooms the lesser the time spent on cleaning. Smaller cabins are energy efficient. Why? Because they have less space to heat and cool, which absolutely means that it has a lower ecological footprint. And the last thing is, it is more unique.

Here is a great little father and son article. Appealing wooden floors and interior, a nice bathroom, kitchen with lighting, some storage space build it and beautifully finished inside and outside. Hard to imagine, but this tiny little cabin of 200 square feet has everything you need.

Christian and Eric Hoffman are the father son team who created and built this cute tiny cabin. The photos show the cute wooden interior, complete with marble counter tops. A little bit of rustic and modern combined into this tiny space. What a wonderful job done on this father son project. So many people are exploring the option of tiny homes with the ever increasing costs of building a home or renting space.

This tiny home can provide a little retreat for a family member or a full time living space for that person seeking the adventure of tiny home living. There was a time when a dad would possibly have a project of making a 'playhouse' with and for the kids. This Tiny house being a little bit larger version will actually provide a living space!