Backyard Cabin

Oh, another sweet, tiny cabin! This one doesn’t look any bigger than a garden shed, but wow – look what they’ve done with it! With all of those windows, it must be so bright and seem so spacious inside, far away from all of the daily distractions of life! There’s a cute little patio where you can curl up in your camping chair with a hot drink by the crackling fire.

And where do you have to go to enjoy this little slice of Heaven? Look no further than your own backyard!

Just think, you could retreat here several times a day to sit in quiet refection. If you’re creative, it could be your little art studio or writer’s getaway, where you’d be able to get in touch with your inspiration and really let the creativity flow – without your kids constantly asking where their socks are or what time dinner is. If you’re a self-employed health practitioner, this could be your tranquil therapy room. If you enjoy working out but don’t like going to a public health club, you could turn this little baby into your very own gym. Or how about a sauna? Mmmm…. Now there’s an idea!

You could also put a beautiful, comfy bed in here and use it as your very special guest house whenever anyone comes to visit, or you could even rent it out as a private guest room. Or what about a really cool playhouse for the kids? Wow, lucky kids! Who wouldn’t have enjoyed a little house like this when they were a kid? We sure would have. But we’d enjoy it now too, if you’d let us move in!

And, for those of us who live in apartments with noisy neighbours overhead, a little place like this is a dream come true. It may be small, but we’ll sure bet it’s pretty peaceful.

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