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Beautiful and inspiring homes are being built all the time, but its wonderful to see them being built out of beautiful natural materials found in nature. This fabulous log stairway from the portfolio of projects done by Murray Arnott Design Ltd. , is a truly amazing piece of craftsmanship.

It is most likely challenging enough to build a stair case like this with curves and spirals, over a straight up and down typical stair case. Its probably challenging enough to build a stair case like this one with pre-cut specialty wood, but think about how much time and effort went into building this epic winding stair case with random pieces of wood! With all the knots and curves, it would be like trying to fit together the pieces of an impossible puzzle! But the people at Murray Arnott Design Ltd. are obviously up for a creative challenge and they rose to the challenge and created this amazing stair case that just looks incredible and will last for years and years to come.

The intricate, polished tree stumps and branches seem like they just all naturally fit together to effortlessly, although I am sure it too a lot of planning out and a lot of patience to get each one in the right position. The stairway is often the feature of a home, so you might as well make it a be a statement piece, a piece of art in it's own right. This stairway is that and more. The steps as you will see, are even made out of cut up tree stumps that are flattened out just enough to make a flat surface to walk on. The people at Murray Arnott Design Ltd. seem to always put so much creative effort into their projects.

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