A Peaceful Log Cabin in the Woods

If you're into hunting or staying in log cabins, Libby Camps may be the perfect place for you to go on a little vacation. Located in the Maine North Woods on Millincocket Lake, these wood cabins have been around for 120 years. The cabins are open from April until late November and spaces fill up very quickly. They are especially popular amongst the hunters, and the best hunting is between early October and mid-November. Today, Matt Libby, who is a great-grandson of the first owners, runs Libby Camps along with his wife, Ellen, and their grown children, as well as a staff or 10 people or more. They also have a group of guides for tours as well. The main camp has a bunch of log cabins, a boathouse, an ice shack, and a lodge that was built of native spruce wood. Each of the log cabin designs has it's own unique character and personality, and each of them would be a pleasure to stay in.

They also have 10 remote cabins in Maine and a remote camp in Newfoundland and Labrador which are all accessible by floatplane which Matt can actually fly himself. He'll fly his floatplane to pretty much any lake in Maine or guests can fly on a commercial airline to Presque Isle, which is just a short drive away from Libby Camps. For those who want to drive, the camp is about 7 hours from Boston, and it's quite a pleasant drive that allows you to see a lot of great country side. They even serve dinner at 6 o clock each day in the log lodge. You sit with everyone else which is a great way to meet some other people, and the food is served family style. After dinner, you can retire to your own log cabin to enjoy the evening to yourself, but it's very rustic cabin living with no electricity and oil lamps for light. The wood fire is sure to keep you warm and provide some ample light as well. In the morning they serve up fresh coffee, blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, eggs any style, bacon, sausages, and homemade bread.

They take guests out hunting together with dogs and all, and eat a lunch and take a break in the middle of the day before going out to do some more hunting. Then it's back to the main lodge for another dinner and bed in your own log cabin before another big day of hunting. You can see some of the photos Jonathan Levitt posted with his article he wrote about his experience hunting and staying at one of the log cabins at Libby Camps. It sounds like a great way to get back to nature if hunting is your thing. If not, you could still probably rent out one of their log cabins and just enjoy yourself hiking and boating out on the lake. Some of the wood cabins on the land have been there for quite some time which shows us just how durable these structures can be. Some log cabins have been known to stand for well over 500 years in Europe, and there are cabins in America that are over 200 years old. Enjoying staying in a log cabin like this one is a great way to explore the idea of building your own log cabin for recreational use, or perhaps even as a permanent residence. You'd be sure to fall in love with the rustic charm of a log cabin in the woods like this one or any of the log cabin designs at Libby Camps.***

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