A Log Home Kit That Is Designed to Save You Money on Heating and Cooling Bills

The Somersworth log home kit is a beautiful 2,376 log home floor plan with three bedrooms, two bathrooms in an open concept design. The log home design has a cathedral, open concept floor plan with an attached two car garage and entryway that goes directly into the kitchen. This log home package is available in a log only kit, or a complete package. Prices start at $73,500 to $124,150 for a complete package.

This is a nice log home floor plan. Entering from the garage keeps the floors in the house clean, and having a garage attached to the house helps to keep sheltered from the cold and is nice for carrying in groceries, and when going outside. The downstairs layout is a semi-open design with stairs that provide a barrier between the living and kitchen/ dining areas. Then there is a comfortable bedroom that finishes off the first floor with a closet space and a full bath/laundry area. Upstairs are two bedrooms, each with a storage space, gabled dormer, and a bathroom in-between. The wrap-around covered porch is a good place for hanging outdoors on warm summer days.

Coventry Log Homes have over twenty years experience in the log home industry. They are a family run business who value quality and good customer service. Coventry Log Homes has over 60 models of log homes in five separate categories to include the Craftsman, the Tradesman, the Cabin and the Recreational Camp Series as well as additions and garages. The Coventry log mill produces three log home package options from the log wall and log shell package, which is a complete package in a variety of log profiles from the 6x8 D, 8x8 D, 8x8 Round, and the 6x8 and 8x8 Chink. Coventry Log Homes also produces a 6x8 and 8x8 solid log milled to look like the traditional look of clapboard siding as well as regular log siding and the 4 by 8 D and 4 by 8 Chink logs became available with the development of the recreational camps in 2007.

Log homes are a sustainable option when it comes to building. Logs are a way to use a renewable and sustainable resource. Coventry log homes believe in running a company that recycles, is renewable, and reusable. Their homes are green certified and meet the following standards of offering alternatives to landfill usage, pollutants and the use of their natural resources. Water Efficiency, designed to conserve water using low volume irrigation systems, rain water collection systems, and Energy Star appliances. Their log homes are energy efficiencient, prevent heat loss and lower utility bills by tightening the log buildings envelope and choosing Energy Star appliances and heating and cooling systems.

Their log home have good indoor air quality that minimize moisture and pollutants from materials usage, add ventilation and Energy Star heating and cooling systems.

Besides Coventry Log Homes using green building practices, they are using the best and most responsible building practices. Buying a log home package from a log home company that believes in green practices is one of the most environmentally and socially responsible decisions you can make. It ensures that the forest will continue to grow and be there for our future generations, and provide benefits to the environment that we live in. A log home is a good decision for health reasons, environmental reasons and economically. A log home that is built properly can save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

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