A Log Cabin Package that Only Costs $25,000? Unbelievable!

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What lessons and expectations should one have when building. One of the biggest mistakes people make when considering building, is to design a place that is too big for the budget. Custom homes are not inexpensive to build. Choosing plans, a general contractor, or manager is one key towards having a successful project. No one can guess your budget or make a budget work for things that you request that just don't fit within it. Everyone in the building team (and your spouse) is going to have an opinion. Budgets can be derailed with one incorrect decision. Using a designer, architect, engineer or builder will help provide you with an estimate on the square foot price of the housing you are considering. Choosing a kit will remove a lot of the mystery in the costs of the end result. There are still other things to consider, foundation, finishing, permits, furnishings and timelines. Smaller cozier homes evoke a sense of security and respect for nature in that they use fewer resources. Building a home that is low-maintenance, cost-effective and respectful of the environment will not only affect you, but those in generations to come. Make a list of things that are important to you. Keep this list as your focal point. For those that are considering building a log cabin, explore all your options. This The cabin package is priced at about $25,000. Conestoga Log Cabins provide a variety of log cabin packages. Your cabin offers 424 sq.ft. of living space. There is a 12/12 roof pitch on the cabin so you get a loft with standing head room. The inside dimensions are 14'7"x21'. The main floor layout has an open living/kitchen area, sleeping area and bathroom. Be sure to visit the Conestoga Log Cabin website below for more details on this package.

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